Automated Patient Education and Nurturing System
3rive helps you re-activate inactive patients, convert prospects, increase supplement sales and keep current patients coming back for more.
"Your service for Chiros is better in many ways...because it is completely automated...I know for the overworked Chiro that's a huge button" - Dr. D
Patient Education
The Key is to
Educate, Educate, Educate.
Because Educated Patients ACT!
Revenue Generation
Are you generating enough
 revenue in your clinic to be 
financially independent
 NOW and in the FUTURE?
Reporting Platform
How do you get health data from your Patients to determine how to help them?
Discover how to use these 3 methods to TRIPLE your nutritional sales!
The solutions are clear...
Patient Email Nurturing 
Bridges make it possible for emails to be sent to patients automatically when a patient appointment is scheduled in your Practice Management System.
Online Patient Scheduler
If you don't have a patient scheduler, no worries, we have one for you to use as part of the package.
Feedback is a Gift
Patient review links with convenient quick forms to allow your patients to give you their feedback.
Appointment Reminders
We've got you covered with flexible reminders that are triggered from your practice management system delivered through email and text messaging.
Educational Emails
Use high performance educational emails to reactivate inactive patients, educate and retain active patients.
Refer a Friend System
Refer a Friend with easy fillable forms that include your website link, promotions and patients comments sent via email to the referral and notifications sent to you.
Let the Doctor's Speak!
True Health Center
"We realized over $10K new revenue in the first month, through nurturing our patient list with the 3rive system."

-Dr. Trevor Ferguson & Dr. Jason Mulder
Brimhall Wellness Center
"3rive allows me to be a business owner and be able to track whats going on inside my practice, automate a lot of my marketing (and) automate a lot of my stats. The 3rive system has been of great benefit to me... After about three and a half months of using it, it has brought me in about $5K-$6K." 

- Dr. Brett Brimhall
"Knowledge is power…… this is a false statement. Knowledge is potential power, it becomes power only when and if it is organized into definite plans of action and directed to a definite end.” - Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill
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